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Co sleeping and breastfeeding: tips for moms

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Autumn is an on demand baby. She started to co-sleep after about 5 months old. I find it easier to get up and breastfeed her in bed. It's just her and I in the bed and she has her own side to sleep on. It's worked out for us and it's a personal choice. I believe that co-sleeping and breastfeeding go hand in hand. Take precautions when sleeping with an infant/baby. I didn't sleep with her when she was a newborn. I waited until she could lift her head and move it side to side and when she was able to roll over completely.


Co sleeping and breastfeeding worked well for me. I felt I was generally able to sleep ok and could fall back to sleep once I switched baby to the other side. I have no regrets. My babies who co-slept seemed to help my milk supply compared to the ones I did not sleep with all the time (my first two).

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Co sleeping and breastfeeding: tips for moms
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