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Tips on how to push out the baby

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The best advice that I have ever received regarding pushing is push like you are having a bowel movement. I know it sounds gross but you need to push down and out in order for the baby to move down so directing your pushing as if you are having a bowel movement helps.


Before you push try to empty your bladder. Push like you're trying to make a bowel movement, you'll feel the baby move and grunt and growl I was told its good to grunt and growl to help with the movement. Don't scream though it wont help. Breathe through each push to, deep breathe in and push on the breath out!


I think it's normal to think that you can't do it. I mean, let's be frank here...the hole isn't that big and I think it's hard to imagine it stretching big enough. But the baby will come out one way or another. And while a c-section is not ideal, if you have to end up having one because of one way or another, do not think for one second that makes you any less of a mother.

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Tips on how to push out the baby
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