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Target diapers reviews

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I hear good and bad about them just like babies every diaper is different and some work for them and some don't. The target diapers gave our son a rash with in 2 hours of wearing them like an open sore rash. It was bad. He was a pampers guy for a long time now we have discovered that he can wear Luvs diapers. :) Super excited since they are like $20 a box VS. $40 :)


I found that I prefer the Target brand diapers over even Huggies. They work great and you get more diapers for the dollar.


I say the same thing about the Target Brand of diapers. Tried them on a whim and they worked out perfectly for us.

I've tried the Parent's Choice wipes and they're pretty good too.


I like Target diapers.


When I can get to target, their brand of diapers is my favorite even out of all the name brand ones.


We have found the Target diapers work as well as Pampers or Huggies for our daughter. It's only when she is moving to the next size, we might need to buy Pampers for a week or two, until she fits better into the bigger size of the Target ones.

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Target diapers reviews
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