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Parents Choice diapers: do you like them?

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Best diapers I've ever used. I use them for Malachi and Elianna. We love them!! And have had no issues with rashes. Huggies give him a rash! Funny how the more expensive brand don't work as well.


James had the same reaction to Parents Choice diapers as he does with Luvs Diapers. He breaks out into almost blood blister style hives :( we will stick to Huggies.


Parents Choice diapers work extremely well. We tried pampers and luvs but my son would leak everywhere during the night I spent two months washing his blankets every morning because his sheets were wet. The Walmart diapers don't leak and for some reason my son has a whole lot of urine in the night. He goes to sleep at 8:30 and I wake him up 7 in the morning with me and I have yet to find his sheets wet.


With vince in the beginning i only used parents choice. But he would leak out all the time. So i tried huggies and had no problem. So he has been in huggies as he leaks out all of the others that my older boys used.


I use parents choice and not only are they cheaper but they work as well in my opinion as any other diaper.


my kids break out to parents choice. they have my sensative skin so we just stick with one diaper brand and that is huggies.


I use the Walmart diapers

The Parent's choice. The work the same and are cheaper, plus you get more diapers.


Parents choice diapers have him rashes.

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Parents Choice diapers: do you like them?
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