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How much are diapers cost per month?

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We buybparents choice Walmart brand and its $20 for 144 size 3 diapers. They last us a month! So much cheaper and the same quality as name brands


We couldn't fit $40 of JUST diapers in the budget every month.


I always get the big box of diapers, for all three it costs about 80-90 bucks it's a lot and I would love to get that cut down.


I use AppleCheeks, which are some of the higher end diapers, but they do hold their value extremely well. The covers retail for $19, but you can get them on sale for less (I know liltulips.com is having a sale right now), and then when you are done, you can sell them for $15-$17 if they are in decent condition.

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How much are diapers cost per month?
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