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Diaper rash: causes and prevention

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many things can cause it. But butt paste was my best friend at the first signs of redness or a bump i rubbed some butt paste on and it cleared up so fast. Best thing i ever used as a mom


My daughter was getting really bad diaper rash shortly after she was born. It was caused by several things:

-diapers/wipes other than huggies

-high acidity in her pee

-diaper rash creams other than butt paste

Because of her having high acidity in her pee, we have to put butt paste on her every diaper change, even when she doesn't have a rash. It creates a little barrier to keep her pee from sitting on her butt.


Diaper rashes can be caused by something new that was just added to their diet as well.


Chemicals they use to help the diapers be more absorbent are causing most of the rashes havoc in babies. Soon there will be an alternative to the disposable diapers. For now use clothe diapers and change the baby more often. it takes 26 seconds for your baby skin to absorb these chemicals. The skin is your largest organ and the one we neglect the most!

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Diaper rash: causes and prevention
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