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How to make a diaper cake: step by step instruction

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You need:

60 diapers
Thick cardboard
7 washcloths or teething blankets
67 rubber bands
3 extra-large rubber bands
Empty paper towel roll
2-inch wide ribbon
Double-sided tape
ScissorsCake topper
Toys for decoration
Start by rolling each diaper tightly into a cylinder starting from the crotch up to the waistband. You’ll secure them by wrapping a rubber band around the center. This gets a bit tedious, but think of how beautiful something as mundane as a diaper will be when you’re all finished. Roll the washcloths and secure them in the same way; these will make up the top tier of the cake, so it will look extra fancy.To build the first tier, start by standing the paper towel roll in front of you. Surround the roll with diapers, so it looks like pillars around a tower. Then place another circle of diapers around the first, and then a third circle. Hold the diapers together with an extra-large rubber band wrapped around the entire tier.

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How to make a diaper cake: step by step instruction
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