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What's an easy diet to follow?

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I find the hard part of making healthier choices is figuring out what works FOR US, as individuals. We all have such different situations - some eat too much, some too little, some have special dietary needs, some are super short on time, etc...
But here's a very simple tip that most people can use. 'hope it helps.

Mentally divide your plate (or bowl) into 1/2. One half is for veggies and/or fruit (raw or steamed or roasted with a little oil)

Then divide the other 1/2 into halves again, with one section being for lean protein (chicken breast, beans, greek yogurt) and the other for starches/grains (rice, corn, wheat...)

Then pay close attention to the serving size of healthy fats - olive oil, nuts, cheese. They're dense in calories so they add up super fast.

When I'm trying to get back on track, I focus on more veggies - because they're good nutrition, very filling and if I'm grabbing veggies, then I'm grabbing chips, etc... less frequently.

Bonus tip: Use smaller dishes. It's called portion distortion. It'll appear like more food - and odds are you'll dish up less. Good luck!


Eat any regular food you want, just limit your portions and eat everything in moderation. It is ok to occasionally eat a treat or junk food as long at it is limited. Limit your portions and eat much smaller amount that usual. Get daily exercise too. It will take longer to lose weight but it will be more managable and easier to follow.

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What's an easy diet to follow?
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