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Halloween costume ideas for preschool teachers

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If you're a preschool teacher, you'll want to make sure your Halloween costume isn't scary for the kids. This includes any costume makeup on your face. Try to avoid masks because kids will forget or not know it's you behind the mask.

Aim for fun costumes. Think easy to recognize ideas.

If kids are into the Magic School Bus, you could imitate the teacher, Ms. Frizzle by attaching planets and stars made of felt onto a black dress and curling your hair.

Most kids know Dr. Seuss. Wear a black t-shirt and black pants with white gloves and striped red and white top hat.

Dressing up as a Crayola crayon is another idea. Wear black clothes underneath a solid colored tank top decorated with black felt or washi tape to depict a crayon. Make the same colored cone hat out of paper to wear.

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Halloween costume ideas for preschool teachers
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