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Easy Christmas activities for preschoolers

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Christmas themes are so easy and fun for preschoolers when it comes to activities.

Kids will love the mystery of what's in the box when you make a sensory box using a square tissue box. Fill it with various Christmas themed objects such as a mini candy cane, an unbreakable ornament, a bow, or a piece of tinsel.

Have them decorate a Christmas tree by giving them a pre-cut green paper tree with a yellow star glued at the top. Write a number in the star and give children mini pom poms, asking them to glue the correct number of them on the tree as indicated in the star.

Children can customize their own paper ornament by applying different colored star and circle stickers onto a white piece of paper with an ornament drawn on it. Ask them to put the stickers on the design lines and color in the rest.

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Easy Christmas activities for preschoolers
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