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Should I teach my kids the true meaning of Easter ?

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I am not your traditional go to church every Sunday type of Christian, but we do believe in Jesus as our saviour. I feel that if they find out that I lied to them about Santa, will they still believe in God and Jesus?? I also focus on the "true" meaning of Holidays. I feel that Santa and the Easter Bunny take away from the holidays.


I have decided that I'm not going to raise my daughter to believe in traditional holiday characters like Santa Clause, or the Easter bunny, or any of those things. She's also not going to be raised on the idea of a tooth fairy. Mostly for reasons of personal beliefs, but also because I don't think it's right to have a kid believe in something for so many years, then have to have them find out it's not real. I know I was raised on these traditions and nothing awful happened lol, but I just consider it a waste of time, in my family anyway. I want Clara to know the true meaning of each holiday, not the American-ized version of them.

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Should I teach my kids the true meaning of Easter ?
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