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Christmas crafts ornaments for preschoolers

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There are lots of Christmas crafts ornaments ideas for preschoolers that use simple arts and craft supplies and/or common household items.

If you're feeling brave enough to use glitter, try CD Christmas ornaments. You'll need some old CDs, acrylic craft paint, super fine glitter, paint brushes, and ribbon. First, use the paint brushes to paint the CDs. Swirling different colors together makes them look even cooler. Dry the paint overnight or with a hair dryer to save time. Dab some glitter glue onto the CDs and then some glitter, shaking off the excess. After the CDs have completely dried, tie a length of ribbon to hang them.

Make reindeer ornaments by gluing 3 popsicle sticks together to form an upside down triangle. Paint them brown if you'd like. Add 2 googly eyes and a small red pom pom for the nose. Tie a length of ribbon to hang.

Make candy cane ornaments by twisting a pipe cleaner into the shape of a cane. Twist one end. Have children put alternating red and white beads on. Twist the other end when finished to secure the beads.

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Christmas crafts ornaments for preschoolers
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