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Sleepover birthday party ideas

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How about...

- A movie marathon... Either the kids favorite movies... all of 'em in a series... Whatever your tastes. I imagine this is super easy these days with Netflix unlike when I was a kid and a parent had to go rent them. You can let everybody help choose movies!

- Theme party... Spa party? Homemade face masks, make some lip balm or something... Or a Star Wars party. Soft lightsaber fights! Yoda pancakes! Colored popcorn for whichever side.. Are you Sith or Jedi?! I had a horror party when I was a kid and it was a ton of fun! Glow in the dark stuff, Hallloween decorations (my birthday was on Friday the 13th that year) We even had a Jello “cake” that was shaped like a heart and “bled” (re: oozed colored honey) when you cut it!


My stepdaughter had a sleepover and we gave the kids each stuff to make their own pizza. They fixed each other's hair and played board games while watching movies. They texted friends and just had a good time hanging out together.

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Sleepover birthday party ideas
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