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Charming Halloween craft projects

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You'll want to make these charming Halloween craft projects to decorate your home with!

Hollow out a pumpkin and drill holes through the flesh. Paint the pumpkin if desired. Push a colored marble snugly into each hole, then illuminate with an electronic candle.

Anchor pillar candles in Mason jars among a bed of candy corn or black and orange jelly beans.

Make a fabric pumpkin by laying a piece of 18" x 22" fabric wrong side up and placing an unwrapped roll of toilet paper in the center. Bring up the fabric, stuffing the edges into the middle of the roll. Cut out a leaf from the green fabric making sure the stem is long. Starting at the bottom of the bag, roll up a paper lunch bag and twist it a little. Place the stem of the leaf in the middle of the toilet roll and push the paper lunch bag into the middle keeping the leaf in place.

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Charming Halloween craft projects
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