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Thanksgiving hats kids can make

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There are different kinds of Thanksgiving hats kids can make to eat and wear.

For an edible Thanksgiving hat, squeeze a drop of white icing onto a small round chocolate cookie. Place a mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the middle. Line the base of the peanut butter cup with some more icing. Using a dab of icing, "glue" a yellow or orange Reese's Piece on as a buckle.

For a Thanksgiving hat kids can wear, cut a strip of brown paper so it's long enough to fit around their head. Have them glue pretend feathers or pre-cut paper feathers. On the other side, they can decorate it with beads, markers or crayons. Attach both ends, after adjusting the fit, with glue.

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Thanksgiving hats kids can make
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