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Homemade Christmas gift wrapping ideas ?

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haha this made me laugh. When we were younger my mom and dad had just gotten divorced. My dad had NO idea what to get us for Christmas or even how to wrap. He used painters tape (he was a painter) and wrapped all of our presents in it! My mom just laughed the entire time! But hey if you cant afford wrapping paper, get some plain paper, let the kids draw on it and tape it up!


There are many fun ways to make homemade wrapping . You can have kids decorate or paint butcher paper or the brown packaging paper . Newspaper is a neat way to go with some red ribbon or something that will pop on the black and white . The comics are fun to for kids gifts . You can also just use the brown packaging paper and use some neat ribbon for it , simple but really nice .

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Homemade Christmas gift wrapping ideas ?
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