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Cute Christmas tree crafts

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Make a paper cone Christmas tree but cutting half way into the middle of a paper plate and twisting the plate to form a cone. Tape or glue into place. Wrap the cone in colored twine or bits of tissue paper. To make a bigger tree, stack cones on top of each other.

Give children a pre-cut paper Christmas tree shape and have them glue the star and trunk on. They can decorate their trees with paint, markers, stickers, and glitter glue.

For an edible Christmas tree craft, give kids a small bowl containing an upside down sugar cone (wide end dipped in frosting to make it adhere to the bowl) and some small candy ornaments such as M&Ms, sprinkles or mini marshmallows. Also give them a dixie cup of green frosting and a plastic knife so they can make their tree green and decorated.

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Cute Christmas tree crafts
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