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Thoughts on raising children without religion

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Religion, growing up we went to church every Sunday and were a religious family. When I was around 8 I just stopped going to church and lost my faith in God. My relationship with God started again when I was 12 but after my miscarriage I had given up all my love and faith in God again. I finally realized that God is the best for me and my life. I accepted him back in my life and am so glad I did. I don't attend church but that doesn't mean that I don't love God. I will raise my child believing in God and trusting and loving him always through the hard times. When she gets older the choice to accept him in her life will be up to her until then God will be apart of her life. I don't judge people who don't raise their child with a religion.


Well, I am a strong supporter of the idea that we are all on our own spiritual journey and we need to make those kind of decisions for ourselves. If my children picked a religion I would be perfectly fine with that and very accepting. In the meantime we talk very frankly about spiritual matters and I make sure to include what different religions believe. I'm giving them the information and expecting them to follow their path without standing in the way and directing it.


I think every family will be different but for us this is not an option. We want our children to know what we believe and why. It will be up to them (and God) in whether or not they make it their own belief system.

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Thoughts on raising children without religion
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