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How do you decorate for the Halloween holiday?

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I love Halloween and so do my kids . We don't do tons of decorating but usually just because I don't always have much money to be buying a bunch of decorations . I love pumpkins and candles in the fall and at Halloween and I always hang big spider webs up around our front door and porch on Halloween before the tricker treaters come and we light up our carved pumpkins


We do decorate. We get pumpkins and carve them. We also have pumpkin lights and a halloween table cloth. We have a few things that we use for Halloween. Some people go all out. We don't do anything spooky or scary. Some people really go overboard with gruesome car accident scenes, dead bodies and crime scene tape. Halloween is a fun holiday for us, not a scary one.

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How do you decorate for the Halloween holiday?
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