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Creative handmade Christmas gifts: share your ideas!

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One year I did homemade vanilla extract for all of our family members. It was very easy to do and relativity inexpensive. We started the process of making it in August since it takes awhile for it to be made properly.

1. Buy vanilla beans in bulk, online they are very cheap. Do not buy from the grocery store.
2. Buy a large bottle of vodka.
3. Put as many of the vanilla beans as you can into the bottle of vodka.
4. Close the bottle and store the bottle in the back of the cabinet for a few weeks or months.
5. You can check on the vanilla extract by smelling it or tasting it every few weeks. Give it more time or add more vanilla beans as needed.
6. When you are ready to give it as gifts you can bottle it into smaller bottles. I found some cute decorative bottles.
7. Use a funnel and poor the liquid into each bottle. Add 2 vanilla beans into each bottle when you are finished adding the liquid.
8. You can create a cute label for the bottle.

For an added touch to the gift you can add some recipes for things that use vanilla extract. I added some recipes for cookies. I wrote them on small little pieces of paper and tied them with a string around the neck of the bottle and it looked like a little book.

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Creative handmade Christmas gifts: share your ideas!
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