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Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for moms

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Depending on your likes, this list may be something you can relate to:
10. A new vacuum. Or a Roomba. Or just vacuum for her.

9. Work out dvd's. But only if she asked for them. If she didn't then skip this one, for sure.

8. Anything from Bath and Body works. Yes we have tons of it already, but it smells so goooood.

7. House decor. Again, only if she said she wanted it. And I don't mean the fish that you can put on your wall that sings "Feliz Navidad"

6. A personal massager. For her back. No really, it's for her back.

5. Slippers and/or a robe. We always need new slippers.

4. A keurig. If she doesn't like coffee she might after getting one of these. Oh, it makes hot cocoa too.

3. Books. Or a gift card for the book store. Or an Amazon gift card to download books for the Kindle.

2. A new Kindle Fire HD.

1. And last but not least, let us sleep in. Most of us are so low on sleep that we would give anything to sleep in!

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Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for moms
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