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Clever classroom Christmas crafts

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Try these clever classroom Christmas crafts to decorate your home or classroom with or to give as gifts.

Make a little Christmas tree by painting a popsicle stick green. Tightly wrap green pipe cleaners around the stick a small space apart and leave the ends sticking out to create the branches. Thread some beads onto the "branches" for the ornaments.

Kids can make their own stocking by taking a clean red sock and attaching decorations to it with fabric glue. Pom poms, sequins, and beads all make festive add ons. Fill the stocking with little treats.

Take a walk and gather some small pinecones. Attach a pipecleaner at the top of each pinecone so you can hang it from the tree. Add drops of glue and some glitter on the edges of the pinecone to make them sparkle. You can use glitter glue as an alternative.

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Clever classroom Christmas crafts
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