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Small for dates baby: what can be done about it?

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You can help your baby grow big enough before it's born:
If you smoke—quit now. Cigarettes hurt the placenta, which is your baby's only way to get “food.” It's never too late to quit smoking. Babies gain one half of their weight in the last three months before being born.
If you drink alcohol—quit now. Even one drink a day makes it more likely that you will have a small baby. You could even have a baby with brain damage caused by the alcohol. This can happen in all months of pregnancy.
If you use illegal drugs—quit now. Almost all illegal drugs make babies too small to be strong and healthy. You may need your doctor's help to quit so you don't have withdrawal problems.
Eat a good diet. Ask your doctor to tell you the best foods to eat.
Keep all your appointments for doctor visits and tests.

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Small for dates baby: what can be done about it?
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