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Crafty outdoor Halloween decor

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You can make your own crafty outdoor Halloween decor without it costing much money.

Fill your trees with flying ghosts. Blow up some white balloons and draw some spooky faces on them with a black Sharpie market. Poke a hole in some white gauze and thread a piece of black string through it and tie one end to the balloon. Tie the other end of the string to a tree branch.

You can probably find a black feather boa from the dollar store to wrap around a wreath shape. Attach some ribbon and glue some festive touches, such as googly eyes or mini plastic pumpkins.

Cut some popular Halloween shapes out of black paper and adhere them to your windows. When your inside lights are on, watch these shapes come to life!

Turn an old carpet remnant into a huge Halloween welcome mat with a little paint and some creativity.

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Crafty outdoor Halloween decor
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