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How to make an octopus Halloween costume

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You don't have to be very crafty or an expert seamstress to make an octopus Halloween costume. Try this no sew costume instead.

You'll need:
Hooded sweatshirt
4 pairs of matching knee socks (8 socks total)
Duct tape
About 30 plastic grocery bags
Craft felt sheets in black, white, and pink
Glue dots
(optional) Rubbing alcohol

Cut the face pieces from the felt and glue them onto the sweatshirt. Stuff 6 knee socks loosely with plastic garbage bags, leaving about 3" of room at the top. Using the duct tape, attach the 6 socks to the inside waistband of the sweatshirt. You'll have to play around with the tape to make the sock stick securely to the sweatshirt. Have your child wear the last pair of socks to make the 7th and 8th legs.

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How to make an octopus Halloween costume
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