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How did your infant react after their first set of shots?

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My son made a face like he was going to cry once the needle poked him,,right after he started smiling and laughing..my little bug did this with every shot and was laughing in his car seat till we started driving off and he went right to sleep,,now he cries alot but his first couple of sets went very well


my daughters first shots went good! Of course she cried when the needle poked her but when it was all over I nursed her quickly which calmed her down then eventually lead to her sleeping. The sleepiness continued through until the next day


My son recently got his first set of shots on Thursday. It is now Sunday and he is still spitting up and very fussy, more than normal. He seems very irritable. This is a supposed side effect, as is indicated by the papers I received. I was wondering how long it lasts. The papers say a week

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How did your infant react after their first set of shots?
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