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Jaundice in infants: does interruption of breastfeeding really help?

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No. Your breastmilk will have more of the colostrum (if not remain colostrum) until baby gets over it. Colostrum has laxatives in it to help baby poop more. My son's numbers were up by 17 before they began to get slightly concerned. Eat lots of greens towards the end of your pregnancy and it will help keep it away.


For us it did , it took awhile for my milk to come in and I never made enough for them . They need to eat and pee and poop to get all of that biliruben that is built up out of their system . We didn't stop breastfeeding all together we just supplemented to make sure they were getting enough in their system to get things cleared out . That always isn't fool proof though , my 6 year old needed the light blanket at home for a few days to completely get rid of it .


. My son reached a level of 15 before it went back down. My nephew got up to 20 which put him under the lights. I honestly don't remember where I read this at, but I do remember she had cited sources from well known doctors. Dr.Jack Newman is a great breastfeeding advocate and teacher-he learned everything he knows from his wife and paying attention to his patients. My last baby was a 6 and the hospital wanted to put her under the lights, i had to sign papers that said I refused treatment and was scared to death they would call CPS. The nurses were pushing, the on call pediatrician came and asked me, I had printed off the article to read while I was there so I gave it to her. She put a note on the bassinet to not use the lights. She had never heard that breast milk changed if baby has jaundice.

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Jaundice in infants: does interruption of breastfeeding really help?
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