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Little man is 7 months and he usually eats solids 2 or 3 times a day . About an hour after his morning bottle he has some oatmeal and fruit. About mid day I usually give him some yogurt and some crackers or Gerber puffs . Around dinner time he usually gets some veggies and some veggies with meat and then depending on what we are having he might get to try a little of that .


Noah actually refused the bottles starting about a month ago. I do believe this is because I increased his diet by adding more solids and introducing new foods frequently. His pediatrician gave me the okay to start introducing jar fruits and veggies at about 4-6 months.

Soon, I was feeding him small meals regularly; he refused the bottle for about 2 weeks, so I purchased a sippy cup and he has been doing great on it!

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Baby checklist. Month 11
1. I’ve scheduled another vaccination visit for baby. This month, she will get her final Hib and PCV13 doses, as well as another DTaP and another MMR. She will also get a dose of Hep A, and if it’s flu season, she will get a flu shot, too.
Describe your solids feeding schedule
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