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Help for child with a speech problem

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If your child has a speech problem they may qualify for services through early intervention or your school district (depending on the age). First you should discuss with the doctor what they recommend, and they may do an evaluation and give you a diagnosis such as stuttering or a lisp to take to EI or the school. Once they are enrolled with these services they will be eligible for a certain period of time with a plan in place of how long it should take to overcome the speech issue.


he will always need speech therapy from neurological issues , he has come a long way , but there will be stuttering and word mix up , miss pronunciations


I've never stopped our speech therapy because I see the need for it, regardless of the cost. The apraxia has also affected his reading, so I imagine had we stopped at some point, his ability to read and write words correctly could have been compromised.

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Help for child with a speech problem
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