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Benefits of speech therapy in toddlers with autism

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Well I have all of the info I need to get her into speech therapy for next year but I am noticing that she is speaking a lot better compared to where she was at the start of the year. We are continuing to work with her at home, and even her brother has been helping her out pronouncing her words...its so cute to watch.

I will still use the info I got for the speech therapist and see if we can get her the rest of the way before she starts Kindergarten.


As with any special needs child, early detection and intervention can really help the child thrive.The benefits of speech therapy in toddlers with autism can be; teaches them to speak before heading into school among peers which will help deter any feeling of being left out or behind their peers. Another benefit is that they may do more than you thought they could or any doctor thought they could because you took part in early intervention with speech therapy. I also think it's benefit at a toddlers age would be that you will learn quicker how to understand what they want and they will learn how to express what they want, making life with autism easier!

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Benefits of speech therapy in toddlers with autism
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