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Did you use reward charts for potty training?

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We didn't use a reward chart. I found that offering a reward (for anything) means that the child quickly starts to expect the reward. Using the bathroom isn't something I wanted to always reward, so I never started and my kids never expected anything.


We did not use reward charts for potty training. I think what really helped was waiting until we knew for sure that Henry was ready.

I know many parents use reward charts, small toys and candy for potty training. Those incentives are especially great for reluctant kids to motivate them. Some parents give 1 M&M for pee and 2 M&Ms for poop. Some might give a small toy as a reward for a whole day or week of continuous potty use. Whatever incentives you use, I would recommend tapering off with them once your child gets the hang of using the potty on a consistent basis.

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Did you use reward charts for potty training?
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