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Tips for starting baby on cereal

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When we started feeding our babies cereal we did it once a day. We gave it to them before bedtime since it stuck on their ribs a little better and helped them sleep longer at night. Once we were able to thicken it a little bit, we also fed it to them at breakfast time as well, so twice a day then. From what I have heard, cereal is more to teach babies how to eat from a spoon.


All my kids are very early eaters.

If they would open their mouth for an empty spoon i tried with a teaspoon of rice cereal. When i started baby food i would mix it with the cereal. Usually by 6-8months my kids were off cereal and was on baby food, table food and formula with toddler snacks like thr puffs.


I started my kids on baby cereal and baby fruits at about 3 months. I also had a chair that propped them up a bit so they were still leaning but more so sitting up and I just took it slow and put small amounts on the spoon.

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Tips for starting baby on cereal
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