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IUD after pregnancy: pros and cons

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From personal experience I would say watch out if you want to get an IUD. Copper or Mirena. I recommend to people NOT to get an IUD. There are to many risks to just name a few -- IUD can get stuck and/or puncture the uterus, Expulsion of the IUD, ovarian cysts, Pelvic inflammatory Disease, acne, headaches, pregnancy is very common on the IUD, Ectopic pregnancy are the most common, miscarriage, preterm birth and birth defects.


I went with the Mirena IUD after having my daughter so that we have 5 years before it's removed to decide if we want try for another at that time, or have the Mirena again. I've had no issues with it, and it was the best choice since I didn't want to have a tubal ligation.


I had a Non-hormonal copper IUD put in about 8 weeks postpartum. Me and hormones don't get along so this was a great option for me. The first month I had a LOT of cramping and wasn't even sure I wanted to keep it, but I was encouraged by my midwife to let it settle and it did and soon after I didn't have any more non-period related cramping. 8 months later however I do have extremely heavy periods, this is something that just goes along with IUDs for just about everyone.

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IUD after pregnancy: pros and cons
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