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I try to give my self, me time even if it just 5 mint in a day.


Our children are homeschool and have never been in daycare and are perfectly fine socializing with other children and adults.

I think within every day life your child will have every opportunity to learn social skills as they interact with the old and the young with you as their example and teacher.


I have been loving getting to hang out with my kiddos but I hate the isolation that I feel. I am going back to work next week. I am excited to be getting out of the house, getting adult interaction, and getting to let someone else take care of my oldest for a few hours a day. I know it sounds bad to say it that way.


We stay at home most the time, don't have many friends. And we are very careful who we let around our kids.

So i got on the internet and started looking up local activites for toddlers, and found a dance class. It was a great idea. They have made some new friends and learned how to interact with other kids as far as manners and those types of things.

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Tips for stay at home moms
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