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How to handle step children issues

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Discuss your roll in their lives with your husband. And respect their mothers decisions even if you don't agree with them.oh also always let the child know you are there for them,even if they don't feel comfortable going to their parents but need an adult.


Deep breaths! It depends on the age of the children, their relationship with their parents. I would not discipline directly as that is their dad's job. Very often they will test you so stay calm and loving. And if you have a concern, bring to dad right away. Don't let it fester, Finally, expect for thingslike there is no mom,you are adopting them, etc. never let them call you"mom". They have a mother.


The best way to handle step children issues is to be on the same page and have open communication with your spouse; their parent. You and their parent should take time to be on the same page with parenting techniques. Both should be willing to adapt as time needs, because it's not easy being a step child, they are learning to accept another person as their parent figure. During this time of having step children issues it is best to keep communication with them open and almost at a friend type level, have a high level of compassion for what they may be dealing with internally and have respect for their feelings. With that being said, you and your spouse should have gotten on the same page with what's expected under your roof and step children need to respect that. In time, you can form a beautiful bond with step children using these techniques. Have patience, step children are dealing with the idea that their parents will never be back together again, they need a high level of support during this transition, don't be surprised if they have issues every so often and you have to repeat these methods.

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How to handle step children issues
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