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Maternity jeans when pregnant: are they comfortable?

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To be honest, I wore my maternity jeans like 2 or 3 times. I just bought a pair of jeans one size up from my regular size and wore those most the time. Maternity jeans just did not work for me. I stopped dancing when I was 8 and a half months pregnant and my maternity jeans made me feel silly.


In my opinion i HATE maternity jeans i bought 2 pair for my 1st pregnancy and i hated the way they fit the band was very ichy and they made me sweat a lot! but i had heard from other moms that they love the way they are so i guess is up to you!


Maternity jeans were comfortable but I didn't like the way they fit I had 2 pairs of black maternity dress pants that were way more comfortable. Also skirts fit well below the bump too.


If there is one thing I wish I had discovered when I was pregnant, it's yoga pants. I love those things now!!!, I mainly stuck to maternity Jeans and t-shirts. I'm not a fashion forward kind of gal, even during non-pregnancy.


Mine were very, very comfortable. They had a stretchy waist band, and were from good will. I had been wearing my husband's khaki pants to work for a while, by then, which weren't comfortable and didn't fit right but I couldn't even get into my own jeans by then, so my mom took me out to find maternity jeans. I didn't like the kind with the belly-stretchy-cover thing, just the ones with the stretchy waist band.


I didn't like them my first pregnancy and just wore sweats and yoga pants the entire time. This is my second pregnancy though, and I have no idea where I would be without my maternity jeans lol. I have the lower banded ones, they feel more like what I am used to wearing.

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Maternity jeans when pregnant: are they comfortable?
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