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What if my baby doesn't begin rolling from stomach to back?

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They will. My son, and I'm assuming my youngest now, didn't as fast because they had more baby fat to work with. And they HATE tummy time. You can coax them by putting something bright just out of reach or show them by gently helping.


Oh.. they will :) If you are remotely concerned, you can help them, you can practice.. yes babies can practice! We do "tummy time" with Monroe daily.. we did this almost ever since we brought him home, once that umbilical cord went bye bye. It totally helps their head and neck control and thus.. they slowly learn to wiggle, move and groove and roll! So I would suggest MORE tummy time if you feel like he/she should be rolling already. Chances are one day they will just "get it" and "do it" and ta da! :)

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What if my baby doesn't begin rolling from stomach to back?
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