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What do you use a journal for a baby for?

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I write in a 5 year long, one comment a day journal. I started it when Imogen was a couple months old... I jot down what we did, how I feel, or random little thoughts I have about our day, our family, her, motherhood, life, etc. I write in it as if I'm talking to her, and someday it'll be hers.

I used to track Imogen's nursing schedule but only for a couple months when we had some weight concerns and had to suppliment, pump, wake her to nurse, etc... I'm SO glad we're through that!


I wanted to remember my pregnancies and I journaled about my prenatal visits, feelings, etc.

I also had a feeding journal for breastfeeding my babies, it helped to keep track of how many feedings they had, the length of feedings and the amount of diapers they dirtied each day.


I personally keep one of each (yes, still!), but I do so on my phone with apps rather than on paper. I bought three keepsake books and never had the time to sit and write anything.

My day-to-day journal is called FeedBabyPro (Android), I did pay for it, but it was under $3, and I've been using it since my daughter was born. Initially, I tracked nursing, and then I tracked pumping, and I still track sleeping.

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What do you use a journal for a baby for?
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