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What cause postpartum hair loss

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Postpartum hair loss can be super traumatic but remember that it will stop and your hair will eventually get back to normal . Your hormones levels interrupt the hair growth cycle so you don't shed hair for the most part while pregnant . After pregnancy and the hormones return to more normal levels you will shed all of the hair you didn't loose during pregnancy and sometimes more . I had the issue with loosing more and felt like I was going bald !! LOL My hair is starting to come back now so I am feeling better !

a long time ago

The main reason this happens is because during pregnancy, our hormones are extremely high and all that extra hormone helps our hair to look thick, shiny and beautiful. However, once we have the baby, those hormones go back down to normal, and likewise...our hair goes back to normal, which causes it to fall out.

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Elsewhere I have read hair loss after pregnancy occurs because pregnancy delays the growing stage so when we have our baby the growing stage becomes shorter again requiring us to lose our normal 100 hairs/day, so it just seems like we are losing a lot of hair.

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The extra hormones during pregnancy make you grow more hair, on your head, but also on the rest of your body. Once your hormones return to normal, much of this extra hair falls out.

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What cause postpartum hair loss
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