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Juice for babies: when to start?

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We were given the go ahead by the doctor but it was infant juice and watered down. We no longer purchase infant juice. Instead, we buy these juice drinks called Fruitables. They are a healthy blend of juice and vegetables, have very little sugar content in them, and they do not have any of the added junk as opposed to other juice drinks and soda pops. My kids also like them better as well (plus, they are much healthier). I still water my son's down for now though.


I gave my kids juice at 6 mths 1% juice and 99% water. They still get it watered down. I buy flavored water much healthier or water and a splash of real juice.. Hope this is helpful.


I was considering giving my baby juice when she turned 7 months!

Think we will be waiting for a good while on that probably about a year when I start her off with a sippy cup I will just be watering it down. I think that will help her slowly wean off breastfeeding.


I would wait until at least 6months before giving juice. When you give juice you should water it down, I do 5% juice, 95% water.

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Juice for babies: when to start?
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