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Are scratch mittens useful to have?

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In my opinion anyways.. I find them super useful.. Monroe was a Winter baby, so they actually had dual purposes.. 1, to keep him from scratching himself and 2, to keep him warm when we were out and about :) You will find that these little stinkers so easily and quickly clawwwww their faces so so much and goodness, no one wants a scratched up baby and it's so sad when they do it to themselves! So yes, I think they are worth the tiny purchase! Plus, let's be real, they are so so cute looking on them!


Is silly as it sounds, babies need scratch mittens. Their nails can be very long in the beginning and you are not supposed to cut them early on. You don't want them to scratch themselves, so wearing the mittens prevents this. I used them for about the first month and then that was it.

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Are scratch mittens useful to have?
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