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How do you handle being a single teenage mom

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Its hard being a single teen parent I work now, also I'm taking online college courses and trying to take care of my son. But my parents are here to help me and get me back on my feet and hopefully be on my own.

But I'm starting to enjoy being a single mom because I'm finding my way back to finding myself again and love being independent and know I can take care of my son and myself,

a long time ago

i cannot begin to imagine how my mother went through being a teenager mom had me at 13. but she had a great support system, everybody spoiled and loved me. But I turned fine and well! :)

a long time ago

it did happen to two of my younger sisters and a number of their friends.I think my sisters handled being a mother so young very well. Both of them are good moms and I think my nephews have turned out pretty well. Not that they didn't have their bumps along the way but they grew up fast and took their responsibilities seriously.

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How do you handle being a single teenage mom
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