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Should you baptize your baby if you are not religious

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I am Catholic, therefor my children were all baptized as babies. That being said, not sure they fully understand it. However, if you are not practicing a faith, there would be no reason...


In my faith (Catholic) baptism is done as a baby and it is basically welcoming the child into the church and a remission of sin.

We see baptism as a sacrament and not an ordinance as other Christian faiths do...


I did baptize all my children . I felt that when my children got older they will have their own beliefs and can choose for themselves. Raising a child with God in their life is important. Allowing them to explore different religions and choosing what is right for them.


I am a religious person. We don't go to church but I have defintely been thinking about it now that my kids are older. We will have our children baptized when they decide they want it done and can understand what they are doing. I was baptized when I was about 11 after I had been to Summer Bible Camp and understood and knew it was something I wanted to do.

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Should you baptize your baby if you are not religious
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