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Summer activities for teens and tweens

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It can be really tough to keep teens and tweens active during the summer. Usually they want to be up all night and sleep all day. The best way to keep them active is to require them to either work or volunteer at least some of the time. My daughter isn't interested in working, but as a family we volunteer with a local animal rescue group. The kids help to clean out the cages, take time to play with the animals and give them lost of love. Then I make sure they get fed while we clean up the toys and cat brushes. It's a great way to keep them active and helping out the community!


So many choices, so little time. I like to keep kids busy during the summer, so here are some ideas for some summer activities.

Summer scrapbook or album to document highlights
Rearrange room/redecorate room
Roller skating
Read a book together so you can talk about it
Neighborhood carwash
Night tag (with flashlights)
Camp in your yard
Family nights (movies)
Amusement parks
Community pool/pinic to meet up with friends
Attend local games (baseball etc)
Make a tween/teen prepared family dinner

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Summer activities for teens and tweens
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