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How to treat a kidney infection during pregnancy

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I have PLENTY to say about this. LOL. I was admitted into the hospital three times during this pregnancy for what they THOUGHT was just a kindey infection. The first time I was admitted for one day and he just put me on antibiotics thru my IV and sent me home. The second time he gave me antibiotics and pain meds thru my IV and sent me home. Third time he FINALLY got an ultrasound ordered for my kidneys and we found out that I had a kidney stone on my left side and hydroniphrosis on the right. The next day I had surgery to have a stent put in on the right side. I would definitely reccomend staying AWAY from soda with kidney infections/stones. You should drink A LOT of water and even when you aren't drinking water you should try to drink cranberry juice and lemonade. NO SODA! I have one about once a week and that's it.


A kidney infection is serious and it needs to be treat with prescription antibiotics. Your doctor will be able to prescribe you a medication that is safe to take during pregnancy. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting rest to speed up your recovery.

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How to treat a kidney infection during pregnancy
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