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Do you sell, donate, or keep baby clothes... Why

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We hold onto James' clothes. Our nephew is a few months behind him, so James clothes go to him usually, and now my sister-in-law and I keep all our boys clothes since our best friend is having her son next month.


I actually have donate some clothes that, I given to second hand stores that, I didn't want and keeping the rest for the future. If I happen to have another girl.


I keep all her clothes because I know I'll have another baby someday. Sometimes we have a lot of guests over with babies and her clothes come in handy. Or I'll swap or sell them to moms to get her the size.


I donate because at some stores I can get store credit for other things I need. I always go to second hand stores because he's going to grow out of everything so fast, I am NOT going to spend all kinds of money on him just yet.

Some of Lucas's clothes I do keep. Anything that says a "My first..." on it and his coming home outfit that I wanted him to wear and the one that he actually wore lol.


When I knew I was having more I would put them away but with little man since we are done I consign the ones I can and donate the rest.


I am keeping a few of my favorites just incase we have another baby.

I packed the baby clothes that don't fit away. The clothes that I didn't like as much I donated to our local thrift store.


I store baby clothes in boxes or storge bins. Mark the sizes. Once a month i go through and see what is sell, donate. Same for baby toys.

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Do you sell, donate, or keep baby clothes... Why
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