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Swollen feet and pregnancy: what was helpful for you?

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Some pregnant women only swell a little and it seems like its only towards the end. I had preeclampsia, which is elevated blood pressure with all my pregnancies, except with Autumn I only swelled towards the end, because I kepted my weight in check. Staying active for the first 20 weeks helped the swelling, then I rested as much as I could after a busy day, hydration of course and staying positive.


I drank lots of water, made sure to walk around at least once an hour and would keep me feet elevated as often as I could. Someone recommended to add lemons to my water, though I tried that and made me feel sick. It might work for you!


Trying to put my feet up as much as I could and limit walking if they were super swollen. Make sure to stay hydrated that will help with swelling also.

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Swollen feet and pregnancy: what was helpful for you?
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