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Should you nurse your baby to sleep

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I nurse my baby until she falls asleep, after she doses off I put her against my chest, head by my shoulder, this helps to get any gas bubble out. Then I lay her down in bassinet or crib. Breast feeding soothes and relaxes her. She sleeps longer too. She takes an hour nap 3 times a day and sleeps almost throughout the night. Usually a wet diaper wakes her up and I breast feed her back to sleep.


I have nursed all four of my babies to sleep. I do not see anything wrong with nursing a baby to sleep. Nursing provides a lot of comfort for babies. My babies always fell asleep while nursing and then it was easy to put them down to bed.

Breastmilk has antibodies and enzymes in it that help prevent the milk from causing cavities. Feeding a baby a bottle to sleep can be harmful to their teeth if it is formula because it can possibly cause cavities.

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Should you nurse your baby to sleep
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