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Treatment options for kissing tonsils

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Kissing tonsils? I am thinking this is referring to the "kissing disease" or mononucleosis. Mono is highly contagious and is transferred from one person to another through saliva (hence the kissing disease nickname).

You really need to be seen by a physician if you develop mono. If untreated, it can lead to serious health conditions. Your physician will do a physical exam (often your spleen will be enlarged and that is a sign of mono) and rule out other issues.

The best course of treatment after getting a diagnosis of mono is antibiotics. It can be treated and needs to be. In the meantime, stay away from other people, especially the very young and very old. Saliva can travel a good distance with sneezing and coughing so practice good habits with covering your mouth. Wash your hands frequently and avoid sharing drinks, food, etc with other people.

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Treatment options for kissing tonsils
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