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Did you choose a new job after maternity leave

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a long time ago

When I was working in corporate America, I stayed at the same job after each of my maternity leaves. Because of my tenure with the company, I never saw a reason to search for a different job, although I did move to different departments after maternity leave to accommodate my baby's needs.

a long time ago

I hit the internet to see what other moms had to say about returning to work after baby,and while some said daycare, some were lucky enough to have a job provided child care. One mom talked about working from home and then the research for that really began, and it has been 6 years, and I have never regretted my decision...well aside from days I have to stay up late to get a job done.

a long time ago

I am lucky in that I work for myself… but also unlucky in that too :) Before this bambino arrives I will have a lot of work cut out for myself in prepping for a month or 2 away… Thankfully my clients are awesome, but my situation is rather unique. I think developing a post baby schedule will be harder than I can imagine… perhaps I will sort out how to become more productive in less time too

a long time ago

I quit my job when I was six months pregnant with my first child.I did not go back to work, nor did I plan to. We had decided once we had children I would stay at homeI like that I can earn an income and yet still stay at home with my children. At times I think about getting out to get a "real" job but the thought usually doesn't last long since I know I can make decent money from home

a long time ago

.I inquired about a change to a part time status when returning from maternity leave. i had what is considered a flexible job where this would be possible. However, the management in healthcare is not accomodating at all to working mothers. When I inquired about changing to part time I was told I would lose any short term disability that i would have for maternity leave and wouldnot be guaranteed a job on return. Only if I returned full time.:( ..

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Did you choose a new job after maternity leave
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